85 Shut Down Route Recommendations

As you may have heard, a piece of 85-N is missing. If your usual route to get to ASoP happened to utilize that piece of the freeway, we have some re-routing recommendations!

We HIGHLY recommend using a traffic app such as WAZE

The Buford-Spring Connector Northbound is open!
It will say "Open to local traffic only" - if you are coming to ASoP, you are local traffic!

The last exit open on 85 South (N Druid Hills Rd) is our exit! 

If you come from North Atlanta and use 85 southbound here are some options:

1. Exit off of N Druid Hills Road, Left Right on N Druid Hills, Turn right on Briarcliff, Turn Right on Sheridan Rd NE

2. Exit off of Clairmont Road, Turn Left onto Clairmont Road, quick Right onto Briarcliff, Right on Sharidan Rd NE

3. Go Southbound on Buford Hwy NE, Turn Left onto Lenox Rd/Cheshire Bridge Road, Left on Sheridan Rd NE *This can get backed up in the evening

If you come from South Atlanta and use 85 northbound and the Buford Spring Connector (GA-13) is blocked

If you use 75/85 northbound, Exit at 10th Street, Turn Right onto 10th Street, Left on Monroe Drive, Right onto Piedmont, Right onto Cheshire Bridge Rd, Right onto Sheridan Rd NE

If 75/85 Northbound is jammed, or you use I-20

1. Exit at Freedom Parkway, follow Freedom Parkway until it ends at Ponce. Turn left onto Ponce, Turn Right onto Monroe, Right onto Piedmont, Right onto Cheshire Bridge Rd, Right onto Sheridan Rd NE

2. Exit at Moreland Ave off of 1-20, go North on Moreland Ave. Moreland Ave turns into Briarcliff, continue on Briarcliff, Turn Left onto Sheridan Rd NE

3. (Sara's super secret way) Follow Freedom Parkway until it ends at Ponce, turn left on Ponce. Turn right onto Ponce De Leon Place (at Chipotle). Cross over Virginia Ave, Ponce de Leon Place turns into Park Ave. Follow Park Ave, Turn right onto Monroe, Turn Right onto Piedmont, Turn right onto Cheshire Bridge, Turn Right onto Sheridan Rd NE

4. (Sara's other super secret way) If you take Freedom Parkway, go to Ponce and turn right then turn Left onto North Highlands Ave NE. If you take Moreland Ave, turn left, then turn Right onto North Highlands Ave NE. One on N Highland Ave NE, Turn left onto Lenox Road (not Rock Springs, go up one more street to Left Turn only sign), then Right onto Cheshire Bridge, then Right onto Sheridan Rd.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us with any questions!