Photo 1

Photo 1

Can't fit four weeks? Check out Photo 1 Express

Get off AUTO and become a better photographer in four weeks! Learn how to freeze motion for sports photography, have the perfect aperture for a portrait, and an immaculate ISO for landscapes. 

Have you always wanted to know how to freeze the perfect moment without blur?

Or how to create a soft background behind a portrait?

Learn how to take your camera off the AUTO setting and learn the best technique to match your vision.

Master the mechanics of your DSLR and begin your journey into photography starting with:

    • Aperture and depth of field (the perfect portrait) 

    • Shutter speeds and controlling motion (freezing the moment) 

    • ISO sensitivity (the basis of your technical decisions) 

    • Basic white balance (get the right color) 

    • Lenses and focal length

    • Exposure compensation for special situations

    • Rules of great photography (composition) 

    • Tripods and filters

This class will provide you with a wealth of photography knowledge leaving you prepared to advance your photography skills in any direction.


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