Window Lighting in Marietta

Window & Soft Lighting in Marietta

Saturday, June 3rd 11 AM - 1 PM with Shannon Jimenez at Peachtree Camera Repair in Marietta

562 Wylie Rd SE #4, Marietta, GA 30067

Learn how to photograph with the most beautiful, accessible and affordable light source!

In this workshop you will learn how to use soft window lighting and posing for classic, poised portraiture.

How do you manage the light?  Where and how do you meter for the best exposure?  Should you fill in the shadow side?  Where do you focus? What’s the best posing? What are other ways you can soften light to simulate beautiful illumination?  Reflectors?  Diffusors?

These questions answered and more in this fun hands-on practice in creating perfect portraits!

Using each other and a model, you will have the opportunity to practice different techniques and create your own.

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