Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge

Thursday, July 13th / 6:30 - 8 PM with Amanda Gardner


Get your computer and photography organization on track! Bridge is perfect for any student looking to expand their knowledge to include Photoshop skills or to use as an effective workflow alternative to Lightroom. Simply and quickly organize and edit your photos effectively with Bridge!


  • We will cover Bridge, camera raw and the integration of Photoshop. 
  • Using bridge to organize, label, sort, batch rename etc. 
  • Use of camera raw for single photo editing or batch processing. 
  • We will cover all of the basic editing tools in camera raw- Cropping, adjustment brushes, gradient tools
  • Exposure controls 
  • HSL, curves etc 
  • Saving- file sizing, where to save images etc
  •  Integrating photos into Photoshop or just stopping with camera raw 


* this class is a really great alternative to Lightroom, without needing Photoshop experience 



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