Perry's Water Garden

  • Perry's Water Gardens 136 Gibson Aquatic Farm Road Franklin, NC, 28734 United States
Perry's Water Garden

Saturday, July 8th from 9am-3pm with Larry Winslett

Join us for this one-day hands-on nature workshop!

Perry's Water Garden is said to be the largest commercial aquatic nursery in the US - and a must visit for any nature photographer!

This is peak time for Perry’s, located near Franklin, North Carolina.  They are internationally known for their aquatic flowers – lotus flowers, water lilies and more.

Thirteen acres of aquatic ponds are the home to many varieties of water lilies and lotuses that begin blooming in May and continue blooming into August. These flowers are also available for purchase.

The workshop is led by nature and macro photography expert Larry Winslett.

In this workshop, you will need your camera gear including any lenses you have.  All lenses are helpful here (macro, wide and telephoto), filters - especially your polarizer and a tripod or monopod.  You will also need to carry water, snacks and pack well enough to be able to carry your gear for a minimum amount of hiking.

This workshop begins and ends near Franklin, North Carolina – about 2-1/2 hours north of Atlanta.  Directions are available at time of registration.

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