Business of Photography

Business of Photography


Saturday April 8th, 9 AM - 5:30 PM with Judith Pishnery


This is a unique opportunity for photographers to take an intense look at the possibilities of working in the business of photography. This information–packed seminar introduces you to what you need to know to take the next step in your career.


For full-time or part-time, professional photographers and emerging professional photographers, a successful photography business can be yours with an introduction to the right tools. Start with 7 steps to specific business practices necessary for the photography industry; basics of running a small business, how to charge for your photography, which contracts and forms are essential, marketing techniques, insurance, copyright and much more.


The seminar is led by Judith Pishnery, an experienced, highly regarded, working professional photographer.  Judith’s book An Essential Guide to the Business of Photography is included.  The book includes industry specific handouts, resources, and much more.



In this one-day seminar, Judith will introduce you to the following topics:


1.      Be Official & Organized

a.      Business structure & licenses

b.      Local regulations

2.      Brand your Business

a.      Define your product & services

b.      Determine your market – Who is the ideal client

3.      Create a Marketing Plan

a.      Plan to get noticed,

b.      Marketing projects & promotions

4.      Focus on your Finances

a.      Bookkeeping & accounting

b.      Insurance

c.      Tax obligations

5.      Price it Right

a.      What’s in a price, understanding overhead

b.      Your time is valuable

c.      Price Lists & Packages

6.      Professional Forms, Contracts & the fine print

7.      Copyright & Usage


Create a Business Plan that sets you on a course for success!  If you're interested in a possible future in photography or you need business-related skills to improve your business, this class is the perfect resource for you.  Plan now for your future

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