Food Photography at Revival Restaurant

Food Photography at Revival Restaurant


Saturday, September 9th 1 - 4 PM with Amanda Gardner


Take your food photography to the next level with this exclusive workshop at Kevin Gillespie's Revival.
Join Amanda on site, as the chefs and staff of Revival will provide beautiful dishes and drinks to photograph in the restaurant setting. 

Photography topics we will be covering throughout the class :

  • Composition, arrangement and filling the frame

  • Exploration of light : window lighting, back lighting, using unique ambient lights sources 

  • Accessorizing and styling your shot. Using easy to find and available pieces to make your photos pop! 

  • Techy talk: Exposure, focusing, lens choice and camera settings
  • Exploring the best spots of the restaurant to photograph

  • Highlighting chef's creations

  • Tips for getting the best shot on your camera phone


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