Travel Photography

Travel Photography


Saturday July 29th 1 - 3 PM with Rob Knight

Take your best travel photos this summer!

LUMIX Luminary Rob Knight has had the chance to work with and interview some of the top traveling photographers in the industry. He has combined what he’s learned from his colleagues with his own travel photography experience to create this program to help you take better photos on the road.

Rob will go through some of the tools that are available to help you plan your trip, including:

  • Apps for your smart phone and resources on the internet to make your photo travels a breeze
  • Tips and techniques to make the most of your shooting time in the field
  • How to capture all the shots you'll want to take home!
  • Camera gear options.

    There has been a lot of new technology over the last few years, but the fundamental needs of a travel photographer haven’t changed much. Rob will discuss the pros and cons of several different systems to help you decide on the perfect camera equipment for your next trip.


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