Summer Camp


Be creative this summer!

Our week long afternoon summer camps offer pre teens and teens a chance to explore one of the most widely used art forms, photography. Campers will learn skills such as how to use their camera manually for better control, better composition in every photo, inspiring photographers, light painting and more. Each day will be packed with hands - on demos and fun new ways to create images. 

Summer Camp is held Monday - Friday, 1 - 4 PM. 

Check out the schedules here:

Young Photographers Workshop

July 24 - 28th / 1 - 4 PM with Rob Knight

Ages 14 - 17

Get creative this summer! Teens will be immersed in a hands on week of better picture taking. With new skills learned every day, teens will be more confident in not only their ability to take pictures, but think critically and problem solve.

Some of the things we'll cover:

  • Using the camera manually
  • Replicating favorite images
  • Manipulating artificial lighting
  • Favorite photographers
  • Light painting
  • Better composition - beyond the rule of thirds

DSLRs are recommended, but Cell Phone cameras are accepted! Please contact us with questions about required apps and recommended accessories for mobile phones. 

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